Race Awards – 2020 Winter

Congratulations S-Kimo Racers. Your race skills put S-Kimos on top. We’re the Ski Club to beat! And the winners are…

Men’s Open
1st Place: Erik Anderson
2nd Place: Kyle Anderson
A Senior
3rd Place: Bob Peet
B Senior
2nd Place: John Murray
AA Supervet
1st Place: John Calladine
2nd Place: Paul Allard
A Supervet
3rd Place: Dave Campbell
B Supervet
1st Place: Jim Higgins
C Supervet
1st Place: Mark Danker
tie2nd Place: Bill Gleason and Carl Hero
D Supervet
1st Place: Scott Croteau
2nd Place: Scott Cochrane
3rd Place: Charles Plum

1st Place: Lianne Learnard
A Senior
2nd Place Sara Plum
B Senior
1st Place: Stacy Murray
D Senior
1st Place: Kelly Phelan
A Supervet
1st Place: Sheryl Trussell
B Supervet
1st Place: Melissa Verrochi
3rd Place: Carol Arnold
C Supervet
1st Place Julie Gassler
2nd Place: Anita Tucker
Tie 3rd Place: MaryKate O’Donnell and Cyd McCann
D Supervet
2nd Place: Bonnie Lincoln
Snowboard Senior SB2
1st Place: Kendall Croteau
Junior C1st
Audra Murray