How to Read Results


Questions and Answer Time!

Several people have asked how to read the results sheets that are put out by the racing committee.  The results are broken into several files, one each for men, women, junior men and junior women.  The team results are also in a separate file.

MEN ZPT=24.07                    EICSL White Mountain Racing                       Page   1

  WOM ZPT=24.30                       3rd QUALIFIER RESULTS                          02/03/01

  02/06/01                                 CRANMORE MOUNTAIN

                                                SENIOR AND VETERAN MEN


The upper left corner of the first page contains the ‘zero par time’ for each course.

The zero par time is the time a ‘perfect’ racer would complete the course in.  This value is used to calculate everyone’s handicap for that race.

Next to these times is the banner for the race.  It identifies the race, location and which results you are looking at (3rdqualifier at Cranmore for Men). The name and club/team of each racer is then displayed.

Some of the clubs have combined their racers and submitted a name reflective of their combined team.  BMW stands for Blitzschnell, Massa-Schussers, Ski Wheelers.  Other teams have more ‘creative’ names such as MFH (Mothers from Hell – Wedeln and Weymouth).

The Class indicates the class that racer was scored in for this race.  If a racer has upgraded, the upgraded race class is displayed.

The DIV indicates the division (SV, VET, SR, Jr) that the racer belongs to.

Time is the racer’s time for that race. (Duh!)

UPGR will show whether a racer has been upgraded through the results of this race.  If a racer has upgraded, a number will appear, indicating the number of classes that racer has upgraded.  A racer’s prior point results are also rescored according to their new class.

The HNDC field shows a racer’s handicap for that race.

The handicap is generated from the ZPT for that racecourse.

POINTS are the number of points a racer has earned for that race.  If a racer has the fastest time in their class AND has a handicap within their class, they receive 100 points.  All other racers in their class get points based upon the ratio of their time vs this best time.  Racers who have faster times that resulted in handicaps greater than their current class AND remain in the class will receive more than 100 points.  This is done as people who score more than 100 points on two qualifiers will be upgraded.  A racer’s best two points during the year plus the championship are the total points for that racer for the year.  The season winner is the person with the most points.

RATING is the racer’s new overall handicap.  The handicap is the average of their best two handicaps from the previous two years plus the current year’s results.  Racers earning two handicaps in the next higher class will be moved into the next higher class.

TEAM POINTS are calculated by taking the three best finishers in each class.  The finishers can be SuperVets, Vets or Seniors.  The best two qualifier results plus the championship results determine the best team for each class.


A racer in this class with a time faster than "Th" (racer's Handicap is within the range of the higher class, but upgrade criteria is not met) also is awarded 100.00 points plus Bonus Points (Bp).  Bonus Points are the percentage of points over the Winning Time for that class and are calculated using the following:

Bp = (Tr - Th) / Th * 100


Bp  =  Bonus Points
Th  =  Fastest time in class with a corresponding Handicap within class Handicap Range
Tr  =  Racer Time